Clearance - distance between a heat producing appliance and combustible material.

Prefab/Factory built fireplace - fire place manufactured

Flue - passage in a chimney to pass exhaust gases to outside atmosphere.

Damper - a plate for controlling the flow of air or gases.

Cap - protective cover intended to prevent entry of rain, snow, animals, and debris. Also aids in windy downdrafts.

Crown/Wash - tapered masonry top of chimney. Starting at flue tiles to exterior of chimney to shed water.

Corbel - offsetting of bricks or block to taper in a smoke chamber or change directions in a chimney. Stepping of brick work.

Liner - a continuous flue from a fireplace or appliance to vent exhaust gas. Can be tile, stainless, refractory, cement.

Hearth - floor area within fireplace.

Hearth Extension - noncombustible surface extending to front and sides of hearth or appliance.

Lintel - horizontal noncombustible member spanning the top opening of a fireplace.

Flashing - material used to make a water tight transition between chimney and roof.

Creosote - the mix of moisture and unburnt carbon due to poor combustion, low burning temp., or wet/ green wood.

Chase cover/Termination - the metal cover over a wood framed chase usually housing a prefab chimney pipe.

Class A Chimney - pipe used for woodstoves or to replace failing masonry flue.

Ash Dump - area built into a foundation to store ash from a fireplace to be cleaned out at a later date.

Draft - air or gases being drawn up a chimney or forced up a flue.

Down Draft - down drafts are normally created from a negative pressure problem in the home.

Combustible material - material made or covered in or with wood, paper, plastic, or any material that can ignite and burn.

Smoke Chamber - area above a firepalce damper or firebox that tapers to the flue/liner.

Thimble - tube that connects an appliance through a wall to a chimney flue.

Wythe Wall - a section of masonry between flues.

Cricket - material used to shed water from the backside of a chimney.


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